The Samsung Galaxy Tab was one of the first Android tablets on the market. Equipped with a 7-inch screen and a 1.6 GHz processor, the differential of this device was 3G connectivity, which made it portable. I spent a lot of time using the device, and in this article, I’ll share some of the experience I’ve had with you.

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The Galaxy Tab was my first Android device. With him he could digitize documents and do other personal activities, such as studying. By the way, tab was perfect for studies and consequently several books I needed to upload were stored in it.

I bought an e-reader – digital book reader – before him, which was relatively cheaper, but that experience didn’t work out too well with me, since it took him a while to read digitized PDFs. That’s when, in January 2011, I decided to invest in a Galaxy Tab.

This is the Galaxy Tab/©

Android tablets in 2011 were a blind adventure

Although I already had some contact with other smartphones, Android was still a very new and original system too for me. I faced several longings that many users spend when it comes to joining a mobile operating system and, at the time, the Gmail account itself was a problem for me.

That’s because Google didn’t have the copyright needed to use the Gmail brand on smartphones – at least in Germany – meaning there was no official app for the service. I had to try several email clients until I found one that offered good support for Gmail. It worked, and I ended up finding the perfect solution.

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It didn’t take long for me to take an interest in the Galaxy Tab. It all happened quickly, since, during an exhibition, the tablet caught my attention. The screen of the device was huge and had a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels – it may seem like a joke but, at the time, this was almost a high-definition panel.

The best part was when I found out that the Tab came with an incredible 16 GB of storage! Currently, this is the minimum internal memory standard for smartphones, right?

It’s yours, Galaxy: running kitkat/©

As a mobile device – including the telephony part – the Galaxy Tab came with everything I needed. Of course, as I already used a BlackBerry, I had to buy a second SIM chip to use on the tablet, however, the investment was worth it. The mobile internet made everything possible, including access to the Android Market, now play store.

Galaxy Tab is used to listen to music, read books, digital content and also for my studies. At times, for example, I used it in place of my personal notebook, since the internet and tab portability helped me a lot.

Making connections with galaxy tab

I loved the phone function of the Galaxy Tab. When I was on the street and the battery of my smartphone was nearing the end, it was enough to insert the SIM into it that everything was solved. I’d call my girlfriend on the street, in the park and anywhere, anyway, it was perfect.

It goes out of the factory running with Android Froyo 2.2, but in mid-March 2012, Samsung decided to release the update for Gingerbread. I didn’t have to wait for the South Korean brand to pack newer versions of the OOn on my Galaxy Tab. Of course, all thanks to CyanogenMod.

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With the help of the ROM, the Tab is currently running with KitKat 4.4. The new versions of Android ask for more RAM and processing, which is not very feasible for my modest Tab. Probably the next update that the device will receive will be for your retirement.

The Galaxy Tab was my gateway to the Android universe

The Galaxy Tab was my gateway to the Android universe. The moment I started comparing the differences between Android and my BlackBerry, i didn’t give another: I switched to the green robot team without thinking twice. Although my Galaxy Tab has not received any more updates on the system, fortunately, it was not as abandoned as BB.

Do you use or have you used a tablet, like my Galaxy Tab? How were your experiences with the device?

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