TikTok Lite does not convince the European Commission, which gives the social platform 24 hours to guide compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA), in particular on the existence (or not) of a study that – before the publication of the app – has assessed the potential health risks of users. Commissioner Thierry Breton in X sums it up this way:

“Is social media lite addictive and as toxic as light cigarettes?”

So the problems for TikTok also seem to extend to this side of the Atlantic Ocean – the situation in the US has reached a crucial point – and specifically concern the new Lite version launched in France and Spain, lighter in terms of occupied space and data consumption but which also differs from the main app in some features:

On TikTok Lite, you can’t create and upload your content

Task & Reward Lite is a program aimed at adults that allows you to win prizes such as Amazon vouchers if you take specific actions on the platform, such as watching a video or following certain accounts.

It is precisely on the impact of the new Task & Reward Lite program that the EU is seeking clarification regarding the “protection of minors” and the “mental health of users, in particular about the potential stimulation of addictive behaviors.” The Commission reads the note published on the official website (link in SOURCE), “also asks for information on the measures that the platform has put in place to mitigate these systemic risks.”

TikTok has 24 hours to provide explanations, and another deadline has been set for April 26, the day the social network must respond to all the Commission’s requests. Please note that a request for information is nothing more than an investigative act, and if you provide “incorrect, incomplete, or misleading” communications, sanctions can be imposed.