In the past few hours, Sony has announced the details of the PC port of one of its most popular exclusives of recent years, Ghost of Tsushima (in the Director’s Cut version): in addition to the technical requirements, which we will discuss shortly, there is also great news, namely the arrival on PC for the first time of Trophy support.

The trophies will be part of the new PlayStation overlay, which will work very similarly to those of other companies and platforms such as Steam, Xbox, and so on. It will allow you to access the PlayStation Network, chat with your contacts, check their profiles, consult your game library, and change your personal settings.

Aesthetically, the overlay is almost indistinguishable from the version available on PS5. If you connect a DualSense controller or a DualShock 4, the overlay can be invoked simply by pressing the PlayStation button or using the SHIFT+F1 key combination.

Some critical details on how the trophies will work need to be included. It’s still being determined whether they’ll transfer from one platform to another if you own the same game on PlayStation and PC. In any case, Ghost of Tsushima will be a watershed: from this game onwards, Achievements (which are then the counterparts of Trophies, of course) will also be supported on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Finally, as we said, all the technical and non-technical details of the port itself. For starters, the release date: the day to mark on your calendar is May 16. The Director’s Cut will include the base game, the Iki Island expansion, and the co-op multiplayer mode. The port was handled by the now veteran Nixxes Software, which has worked very well in converting titles such as the last two Horizon and the two Marvel’s Spider-man.