Product recommendation platform PerfectRec conducted a survey to gauge consumer acceptance of Galaxy S24 phones. The result points out that Samsung’s current advanced line has surpassed the iPhone 15 in terms of overall customer satisfaction, even though it was launched less than a month ago.

The result is surprising because the iPhone line has always been very well evaluated in satisfaction surveys. However, data from PerfectRec’s iPhone Satisfaction Tracker tool points out that the iPhone 15 has received lower ratings compared to previous generations.

Battery is the likely weak point of the iPhone 15
A survey on the level of satisfaction with the iPhone 15 published by PerfectRec at the end of January points to dissatisfaction with the battery of the 15 Pro version as one of the main reasons for the negative (or less optimistic) reviews of the line.

Other factors include the few changes from the iPhone 14 lineup and complaints about the iPhone 15’s design.

However, PerfectRec’s research on the Galaxy S24 lineup does not point out what factors make the Korean brand’s models receive such high scores. Performance, cameras, and even Samsung’s promised seven years of Android updates could be the explanation for this.

Will S24 results be maintained in the long term?
The results of the Galaxy S24 line are encouraging, but PerfectRec itself notes that it is necessary to monitor the levels of satisfaction about these phones in the coming months, as the time of use of the devices increases.

That’s because PerfectRec’s tools analyze product reviews by users on Google to determine the percentage of five-star ratings (the maximum score) for each.

The company has already noticed, as an example, that the first reviews of the iPhone are usually more negative soon after launch and improve after a few months. “While there are a large number of initial reviews of the Galaxy S24, it is possible that satisfaction will change as time goes on,” PerfectRec’s report says.

In any case, Samsung has done a pretty consistent job on the Galaxy S24 smartphones. The line’s overall satisfaction levels may even drop in the coming months, but this is unlikely to happen in a significant way.