Since 2014, WhatsApp has been offering the famous send and read confirmation marks in the app’s conversation history. What do the different symbols shown next to some of your messages in Zap mean? And how to disable the feature in your messages? Explain so.

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In its official FAQ, WhatsApp lists the 3 types of confirmations shown in the app’s chat history:

  • ✓ A gray tick: the message was sent;
  • ✓✓ Double gray tick: the message was delivered to the recipient’s mobile phone;
  • ✓✓ Double Blue Tick: The recipient has read your message.

The official explanation for the symbols in Zap / © WhatsApp

Note that if you’re in a WhatsApp group conversation, the second gray or blue tick will only appear when all WhatsApp chat members have received and/or read the message you sent.

What do the blue ticks on WhatsApp mean?

As explained above, the double signal on WhatsApp simply indicates whether the message you sent has already arrived on the recipient’s phone and has been read or not. It’s not really a secret in 2021, and most regular readers already know it.

But if you have any questions or problems with the WhatsApp tagging system, you can also check the status of your messages in the app using the Message Data feature. To do this:

  1. Open a conversation on WhatsApp;
  2. Press for a few moments the desired sent message;
  3. Tap the circle icon with an“i”in the middle;
    1. Depending on the phone, the button is not displayed, in this case tap ⋮ and then the Data option.

“Message Data” screen on WhatsApp provides more details about sending the message/©

A Message Data tab will open and show the status of the message. The status of your whatsApp message can be:

  • Delivered:Your message was sent to the recipient’s mobile phone, but has not yet been seen;
  • Read or Viewed:The recipient has read your message or seen your photo, audio file, or video. For a voice message, this means that the recipient has seen it but has not yet heard it;
  • Played:The recipient heard your voice message..

In a whatsApp group chat, when a participant leaves a group, the “Message Data” screen always shows the original information with all participants, also considering the participant who left the group.

On the left, the message at the top was sent and received and the bottom just sent, on the right, the messages were delivered and read /©

I don’t see a blue signal on WhatsApp, what does that mean?

If you sent a message on WhatsApp but don’t see the blue ticks, it usually indicates that the other person just didn’t read your message or saw your photo/video

If you are sure to have sent the message correctly and want to know if there was a technical problem, one of the following scenarios may have happened:

  • You or your recipient have disabled the reading of confirmations in the privacy settings;
  • The recipient may have blocked it;
  • Your recipient’s phone may be off or without battery;
  • The recipient may not have opened their conversation;
  • You or your recipient are having connection issues.

How to take the blue “check” on WhatsApp from viewed

Turning off reading confirmations is easy:

  1. Open the three-point menu ⋮ on the WhatsApp home screen;
  2. Choose the Settings > Your > Options;
  3. Turn off Read Confirmations.

Blue ticks can be disabled in WhatsApp settings / ©

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This can be a good option if you don’t want the pressure of having to reply to a message, since the person you’re talking to won’t know you’ve read the received message.

It’s important to remember that you can’t turn off read receipts for group conversations or voice messages. And this option works both ways. No one will see whether or not you have read a message, but you will also not know if your contacts have read or not the messages you have sent.

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When turning off read acknowhesive, you also won’t know when your messages were read/©

So, do you really pay attention to whatsApp’s double check? Or would you rather leave the feature disabled?

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to disable WhatsApp read confirmation. Therefore, updating and republishing this matter will be necessary in time. Comments prior to the last update may mention discontinued steps.