“We have something you have to see. And play too” is the message that several blogs and journalists received from Apple, inviting to their event on March 7, and it seems the long wait for the iPad 3 is coming to an end. And Apple is not like the other technology companies. Events such as CES and MWC have no reference for the company, which still has the right to choose the place where it makes the presentations of its products. But there is another emprsa that has followed the same steps as Apple. With little or no representation at CES or MWC, and marking its own event on March 15 in Amsterdam to launch its 2012 handset line, Samsung follows in the footsteps of its competitor. And after realizing that the event of the 15th is only a week after the release of the iPad 3, I only have one word describes this choice: GENIAL!!!

No doubt the iPad 3 will be a TT as soon as it’s released. If the rumors are correct, Apple will present a color quad tablet with LTE support and a super screen resolution, equipped with the Retina Display, and probably much more. For those who still have doubts whether apple’s event is about the launch of the iPad 3, take a look at the invitation:

YES, Apple will release the iPad 3. The device appears to be thin in the photo, but more details will not be revealed for the next few weeks. So how is it possible to get the spotlight off a launch like this? Well, I’m free to speculate, but although I can’t confirm that Samsung did it on purpose, but to schedule its own product launch event a week after the iPad 3’s launch. And what products could make a buzz in the market? Some ideas are considered…

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 would be a good name. After the success of the Galaxy S2 with more than 20 million units sold, we can say that this is the device that takes the peace of mind of Apple. And that’s the best way for Samsung to take some of the focus off the iPad 3. But that’s not all. Let’s be honest, the launch of the Galaxy Note 10.1 was just a small figure of Samsung in the MWC. A tablet that has technical specifications similar to the 2011 handsets is unable to be the flagship of the company that is promising the launch of a device like the Galaxy S3.

If Samsung really wants to throw a bucket of cold water at Apple’s big launch, it’s sure they launch the Galaxy S3 and a quad core tablet (Nexus Tablet, will it be?). And this tablet has to be thin, lightweight, with quad core processor, running ics and high resolution, just like the Retina Display.  Maybe it’s a good opportunity to finally launch the 11.6″ tablet, and this has to be samsung’s flagship tablet.

But as I said earlier, this is just speculation. Then only after March 15th will we know.

And we’re anxious to know, rest assured.

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