After the release of the iPhone 13 family, he wondered what his buying intentions are. Did Apple’s releases draw your attention so much to getting into your upgrade plans? Which model is chosen? Check out how the community answered these questions.

Although still no official date to hit Brazilian shelves, the iPhone 13 is now available in pre-order in the first world. With that in mind, we invitereaders around the planet to respond to the poll, which totaled 1,841 votes.

As expected, the answers were not fully uniform, which is also due to the special conditions of the Brazilian market: in addition to not having started pre-sales, the country has the most expensive iPhone in the world, almost twice as expensive as in the USA!

Are you going to buy one of the new iPhone models?

The situation of the iPhone 13 in Brazil is clear already in the first poll. Just take a look at the chart below:

Only 7% of the answers were affirmative in the case of Brazil / ©

In the other three domains (COM 22%; FROM 28%; FR 31%) the purchase intention of the iPhone 13 was much higher and all very close to each other. Of course, the overwhelming majority voted “no”, but it is worth noting that almost 25% of the aggregate total responded that they intend to buy the new generation.

In the case of Brazil, Cido commented highlighting the prices charged in the country:

Look…. believe that iPhone is not a bad handset, never had … but the price practiced here in Brazil is unbelievable.
That is, pay more than 10 thousand reais in a device, where 90% you use in social networks ….

Which model are you going to buy?

I was very curious about the second question. We wanted to know which model caught your eye and we also took into account older models, which not only continue to sell, but had a slight drop in prices.

I found it interesting that the basic iPhone 13 was the least remembered among the releases. Only 3% in Germany, 5% France, no response in Brazil and 7% in .com indicated that they would opt for the iPhone 13. In the case of the Brazilian community, even iPhones 12 and 11 registered more votes than Apple’s 2021 line.

Brazilian community does not have so much interest in the iPhone / ©

In Brazil, a total of 14% of the participants answered that they were interested in an older model; in the other domains, the totals of previous generations were below 10%.

Again, we would like to quote a user, this time from France. Nico_du_13 was interested in the iPhone 13 mini, but worries about battery life:

Hello. I voted for iPhone 13. I could have been interested in the mini because of its size. But I’m afraid the autonomy is still too short, despite a larger battery.

The Pro version doesn’t interest me. First, I do not want to exceed 1,000 € on a smartphone (the 13 “base” is already quite expensive). And secondly, due to my uses, 13 already has enough resources.

When are you going to buy a new iPhone?

The last question dealt with the moment of purchase. Do you buy a new model on the release date or wait until prices drop? Is the buying boost in the case of an iPhone so irresistible? From what the deltakula comment shows can be quite difficult for some people:

Believe me. I fought myself. “No, no, no, Without that new iPhone for you this year. The old 12 is still good. You don’t need an upgrade.” As of 2:00 p.m. yesterday, I presented heroic resistance. I hid the mouse. Wi-Fi’s been turned off. The Amazon password has been deleted. I resisted the momentum as much as I could. Serious! The order left at 2:04.

Same crap every year. 🙁

As you can see, sometimes you don’t want to, but you’ve already succumbed to apple’s allure – and right on the first day of sale. In this case, Brazilians will have a few more days to hide their credit card and wait for the first evaluations. Check out how the community as a whole responded:

Apart from Brazil, 12 to 15% of readers intend to buy the device in the coming days / ©

In France (15%), Germany (12%) and the .com (14%), a surprising number of readers have already commissioned the new model on the first day. I’m pretty sure no other manufacturer could get such an expressive result.

Another very interesting aspect of this last question was that 26% of Brazilians said they expected the next generation, that is, the iPhone 14. This figure was also very high in France (19%) and Germany (20%), with only the .com still falling behind with 5%.

We would like to thank you for your participation, as well as the expressive number of comments. We have another search planned for this week on Friday (24) – so wait for the next topic and see you there!

Original text

New iPhones can now be ordered —if you live in the first world. And our research is precisely about the Apple iPhone 13 family. We want to know if you’re going to present yourself with one of the new cell phones and, if so, which one.

At the end of an intense technological week with events from Apple and Xiaomi, the launch of the iPhone was obviously the center of attention. In the United States and part of Europe, the Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are now available in pre-order.

Longtime Android user, I’ve always found it curious how iPhone fans shamelessly fling their credit cards into the Apple Store at every launch. And that’s exactly why I’d like to ask — or the iPhone team in the community — a few questions about your buying intentions in our poll this week.

Are you going to buy a new iPhone?

As it heats up, I would like to ask a simple question that encompasses all four new models. I wonder if you were so impressed with the new features that it got excited to buy an iPhone 13 series handset.

Do you plan to buy one of the iPhone 13?

  • Yes
  • No

(Only one response is allowed)

Show results

Which iPhone are you going to buy?

When a new iPhone is released, not all consumers necessarily necessarily only look for the latest models. Many people take advantage of the launch to buy one of the old models, which usually lower considerably in price. So when asking which model you have in mind, it also includes previous generations of the iPhone.

I took into consideration all the models that Apple will continue selling even with the arrival of the iPhone 13. In addition to the four new models, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020) continue to sell. In some stores, you may also find the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max or other older models, depending on stocks.

What iPhone will you buy?

  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • Other iPhone
  • None

(Only one response is allowed)

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When are you going to get a new iPhone?

Some readers may be thinking, “I don’t understand the question.” Of course, when Apple updates its shelves, a lot of people run in search of the new iPhones. But many think differently (drew?) and wait for falls in prices.

Although the price devaluation of iPhones happens much slower (and gradually) than in competition, previous generation studies show a drop of up to 30% about six months after launch.

That’s why I ask this last question for you: when do you plan to buy an iPhone 13?

When do you plan to buy the new iPhone?

  • Oh, come on! As soon as sales begin!
  • In the next four weeks
  • Over the next three months
  • I’d rather wait for the next generation
  • I don’t buy iPhones, not now or ever

(Only one response is allowed)

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And we’re done here. Feel free to explain your purchasing decisions or share your other ideas on the topic in your comments. Thank you so much for participating in this week’s poll! As always, next Monday we will have our assessment with the results of the whole community.  

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