No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, In our poll last week, readers from the four regions in which it is published unanimously stated that an iPad still can’t completely replace a notebook.

  • Slack fight: can the new iPad Pro ever retire a notebook?


Like every Monday, it’s time to find out and analyze the results of our survey last week. Whether in Germany, Brazil, France or among the “international” (USA and India), you all considered the iPad as a secondary device, unable to be a complete alternative to laptops.

The iPad can not replace a laptop in the opinion of the community / ©

At most, you can consider an iPad as an accessory or as a complement to your main notebook. But even there, this scenario is not unanimous, except among our German readers, most of whom are in favor of a combination notebook + tablet. One of them, however, raised an interesting point to the debate:

A new chip will not bring the necessary changes at the software level. It would be the same with Android tablets if a new ultra-fast processor was released. Whether it’s an Android tablet or an iPad, it’s not with a new chip that we’ll replace the notebooks.

The question of whether an iPad can be a full notebook is far from unheard of. But it was revived with the launch of the iPad Pro 2021 and its M1 chip, the same as the latest iMac or Macbooks. So it’s good to remember that the power of computing isn’t everything.

3/4 of German readers consider an iPad as a complement to their notebook / ©

Mainly because the iPad remains a less versatile tool than laptops and more used for the consumption of multimedia content.

The main use cases highlighted by our research are obviously streaming video and music, lightweight office automation and use on the go or on the go. Basically, the same use cases since the creation of the tablet market.

For an average person who doesn’t have specific software needs, the iPad may actually be sufficient. And in some cases, it may even replace certain technology products, as pointed out by one of our French readers:

[If i used it] “a PC with a Wacom graphic tablet for drawing, could replace it with an iPad and its pen, as the App Store is packed with drawing apps, such as ProCreate, to name just one.

But this is still a niche example. For the most important use, the advanced office automation, the iPad still doesn’t have the apps you need for most of you.

IPad use cases did not surprise / ©


The results practically confirm what we already imagined. iPad is a good alternative to basic use or, at best, an emergency solution for certain specific needs.

In most cases, a tablet is a less complete and less versatile solution than a laptop, although it is often much more expensive. Its main flaw is the mobile operating system, but especially the mobile versions of certain software and tools that are very limited compared to their equivalents on pcs.

In fact, it’s actually quite paradoxical. Why would a user with undemanding use and few specific needs want to buy a luxury tablet for $10,000 like iPad Pro 2021?

An iPad 2019 of R $ 4,000 is enough for most who consider a tablet as an alternative to the PC. And the limitation of the mobile operating system is a preventative for more advanced users who have on the PC their working tool, no matter how powerful the M1 chip.

Thank you again to everyone for participating in this survey. I also thank all the readers who gave their opinion in the comments and helped us with their arguments. I thank even (and especially) those who questioned this debate or with the problem of the single answer imposed on the last question of the poll (my mistake). Feel free to comment on my analysis of the results or suggest other topics that could be the subject of an upcoming survey!

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Can the iPad, this miracle of engineering and technological innovation that Apple offers to humanity at unaffordable prices, replace the notebook? Today, it’s up to you to answer that question in our poll of the week.

Yes, I can almost hear the sound of the keys as you type on your notebook keyboard a message saying you’re sick of this debate. This week, we published another episode of our series Slack Fight whose theme was the same: can the new iPad Pro already retire a notebook?

However, we note that many people in our community shared very interesting opinions and thoughts in the comments on the topic. So this is your chance to help us end this debate and move on. Answer the polls below and tell us the new iPad Pro 2021’s is really a concrete alternative to notebooks.

Do you think the iPad can completely replace a notebook?

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  • No

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If you believe your laptop would outdo the iPad, I’d like to know how many of you would consider an iPad as an accessory for the notebook? In this case, I’m talking about making it a backup device for certain specific uses.

Do you consider the iPad an accessory for your notebook?

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Logically, each person has a characteristic use more or less adapted to one or the other of these platforms. If you think that an iPad can not fully replace a laptop, I wonder at what times or for what types of use an iPad would be beneficial to you without fully replacing the computer, of course.

I consider the iPad as an accessory for the laptop for:

  • Streaming video and music.
  • Automation for basic office (e-mails, calendar, word processing).
  • Image and video editing.
  • Advanced office automation (multitasking, use of third-party software, 3-4 USB devices)
  • Games (cloud included).

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Thanks in advance to everyone who participates in our poll of the week! As always, our comments section is open to the debate, which turns out to be more interesting than the outcome of the polls. And finally, I wish you all a good weekend!

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