We have noticed Motorola’s gear shift clearly in recent months. Many new smartphones, all very interesting and an Edge 30 series that has not disappointed and that, on the contrary, shows how it is possible to create interesting products with a correct and not excessive price positioning. A policy that has proved to be solid also on the software side with a very pleasant customization of Android and an update policy that is improving year by year and that today guarantees, for some models, 3 major updates and 4 years of patches.

Razr 2022 is part of this renewal strategy, completely changing the initial concept of the product: of the references to the past only the name remains, Razr precisely, and on an aesthetic level everything changes projecting the Motorola folding to the present day and making it damn better than its predecessors.

Starting from the design, Razr 2022 does not compromise and eliminates all those iconic elements that the Razr series had a few years ago. A smartphone that, if we want, could be more anonymous, more similar to other devices and without particular color combinations that can make it attractive.

A change that, however, leads to a much better usability and therefore is appreciable. What changes, however, are also weight, size and thickness that are greater in all cases. Bigger battery, better hardware and better performing cameras certainly played a role in the design of the Razr 2022, but the hinge closing mechanism also certainly played an important role. Now not only is it much more solid, but it has allowed Motorola to certify the IP52 smartphone and significantly decrease the visibility of the fold.

On a constructive level I would have expected a further step upwards: he noticed a bit of noise in the opening and closing, probably due to the plastic film, and a certain softness of the hinge during voluntary twisting. A small game that does not bother in use but that I point out.

If the hinge and the closing system have improved a lot, bringing Razr 2022 to the first place among the folding with this form factor tested to date, the display has also undergone a nice improvement. Now we find a bright 6.7-inch pOLED with refresh at 144Hz (120Hz really exploitable in the interface) that offers excellent viewing quality.

Texts, applications, internet and multimedia content will always be visible with excellent quality and even outdoors the peak brightness boost allows a clear view even in sunlight. In this circumstance, at particular angles, the crease could be noticed more but it is more a visual matter than a tactile sensation under the fingertip.

There are also all the Motorola customizations with Moto Display and advanced screen management.


Important paragraph for the external screen, now larger and usable in a more comfortable way. A screen that, with its 2.7 inches, allows you to interact quite well with different applications, especially if it comes to quick reading, on-the-fly responses and voice messages. Precisely this last interaction is the one I used the most as it allowed me several times not to open the smartphone managing to interact without any problem with Telegram and Whatsapp.

The limit is however the size itself and as much as Motorola has taken care of the software making the external screen usable with almost all applications, the gestures and interaction modes are far too wide and similar to those you will use with the internal screen. This makes the usability of the external screen a bit too “wide” in relation to the size and, with some applications, you will not always be able to have a clear and correct view of the buttons, functionality and UI of the app itself.

In short, very comfortable external display, improved in everything, managed well by the software but still too small to be able to use it for things that go beyond reading notifications and responding to messages.

That said, in daily use I certainly appreciated the convenience of putting the Razr 2022 in your pocket. But be careful, I’m used to having a Zenfone 9 as the main smartphone that is among the smallest top of the range Android on the market. Razr 2022 in fact does not have a very different volume but being, when closed, shorter, it keeps better in your pocket despite the greater thickness (it also depends on the type of trousers).

Very good also the management of the UI that, thanks to the much larger display and the elimination of the lower part present on previous generations, allows it to be used at the tip of the fingers with the gestures always well received. The only real limit is the width of the smartphone. The frames are not thin and being symmetrical throughout the body enlarge enough the smartphone that already has a 6.7-inch display. So with one hand it will not be easy to get to the whole screen making the use and opening of the product less “hit and run”.

Motorola Razr 2022 (3500mAh): live battery | End 21.05
Motorola Razr 2022 (3500mAh): live battery | End 21.05 210
Motorola 27 Oct

As for the autonomy I do not have much to say: the live battery has shown how the day ends well despite the 3,500mAh. Razr 2022 is not a smartphone suitable for heavy work use and is not designed for those who stay all day in front of the phone. On the one hand it would be inconvenient to open and close the display continuously, on the other it is designed for an audience looking for something different and that in any case does not have to sacrifice too much battery side.

Unfortunately, Wireless charging is missing, which is probably the only major deficiency of this Razr 2022.

Well instead the reception, dual sim support via eSIM and vibration. Stereo audio of course, even for the speakerphone although I did not find the audio in the capsule particularly strong: I would prefer a few decibels more.

Razr 2022 is not a cameraphone and there is little to say about this. There are no flexible display products that offer a photography experience comparable to that of their classic top-of-the-range range, and Razr is no exception. The main 50MP still offers a very good yield and has OIS. It is a classic optics that allows you to get always consistent shots during the day and good in the evening. Nothing exceptional and never seen of it, but the HDR works well and you will certainly not be disappointed.

The wide angle instead is not up to the product: during the day it is sufficient but offers a non-uniform grain and colors quite different from the main one with significant variations even taking the same photo several times. At night it barely reaches sufficiency with a lot of noise and little definition.