Looking for a quick way to slap the look of your iPhone? Well, the search is over: in this guide we’ll see how you can easily change your icons with a neon look and many color combinations like blue, green, red, pink and more!


iPhones offer a wide range of customization options that allow you to express yourself the way you want. In this tutorial, we show you all the tricks for turning the home screen into something truly unique.

Take a shortcut:

  1. Before you start
  2. The Quick Path: Using an Application
  3. The Slow Path: Using the Shortcuts function
  4. More tricks to master your iPhone

Before you start: do you prefer a fast or manual method?

Today, let’s look at the icons. In fact, there are two ways to customize icons in iOS 15. The manual form gives you the most freedom, basically allowing you to create fully customized icons and assign them to any app you want through Apple’s Own Shortcuts function. Do you want your pet’s face to appear as an icon for messages? You want the cute eyes of your kittens to open the Tik-Tok? So this is the way forward.

This comes with the price of you having to manually change each application icon with an image, unless you can make a whole set yourself, good luck finding standardized packages online.

The second path is considerably simpler and much faster. When using an app, you can download icon packs that will be installed automatically after a few taps. The disadvantage is that your selection of free icons is limited, while for premium packages you will have to pay between R$ 10 and R$ 80.

Before you begin: To complete this walkthrough, you’ll need an iPhone device that’s compatible with iOS 14 or iOS 15 installed.

The quick way to customize icons: using an app

Step 1: Find the right custom app icons:

Look at these beautiful icons! / ©

The first step is to find the app icons suitable for your taste, which is no easy task. Fortunately, there are some apps that can help. For today’s tutorial I chose an application called Next Icon. So the first thing you have to do is download the app from the App Store using the link above.

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After you open the app, you can browse between hundreds of icon packs that feature different themes. Personally, I really liked Pink Neon. These free packages offer a wide range of more than 40 icons that cover the system’s apps, as well as the most popular third-party apps like Facebook, Chrome, Snapchat and Netflix.

Downloading and installing app icons:

Once you find an app icon that pleases you, it’s time to download and install it. To do this, just  tap the icon pack you liked and then press Install. In the new window, select the Install Icons button. Your device will then prompt you to allow or skip downloading the file you press Allow to.

The app is really easy to use / © NextIcon/

After downloading, you can close the app. Then you will have to apply the new icons, which is something that can only be done from the Settings app. In many cases, you may find a quick notification directly on your first settings page called Downloaded Profile. If that doesn’t happen, you can navigate to General > -> VPN & Device Management.

To install an icon profile:

  1. Navigate to Settings;
  2. Tap Downloaded Profile;
  3. On the “Install Profilepage, tap Install;
  4. Enter your access code;
  5. Select Install;
  6. Select Completed;
  7. Enjoy your new Neon app icons!

Going through the settings can be a little hassle, but it’s worth it! / ©

To uninstall or modify your active icon profiles:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. General -> VPN & Devices Management;
  3. Tap the Configuration Profile you want;
  4. Press Remove;
  5. Enter your access code;
  6. Tap Remove.

The LaborIous Way: Using the Shortcuts feature

Using manual mode is much more tedious as it requires you to follow the process basically as many times as the number of icons you want to swap. And if you want to change the entire list of iPhone apps, that number can reach a hundred apps. However, the tools that the Shortcut feature offer will basically allow you to do whatever you want.

The number of customizations allowed through this tool deserves an entire article, but in relation to icons, you will basically be able to adapt its appearance to the finest detail. You can select any image you want and assign it to any app you choose. In a nutshell, your imagination is the limit.

The process is long, but produces results as good as your creativity allow / ©

  1. Open the Shortcuts app;
  2. Tap the “+” icon;
  3. Select the Open app option;
  4. Type a name for the shortcut at the top of the screen;
  5. Tap the Open app button and select the app you want;
  6. Then click the blue Settings icon in the upper-right corner and select Add to start screen;
  7. On the preview screen, tap the generic icon to replace it with a Photo or image of your choice;
  8. Done. Enjoy.

Here’s our Facebook masterpiece! / ©

More tricks to master your iPhone

If you like this little trick, I have some good news for you. In the future, we’ll cover more advanced tricks in app icons, so if you want to customize your device more, stay tuned for the . Until then, here are a few more how-to articles!

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And that’s it for today, what’s your favorite neon color? Do you have any icon pack recommendations? Leave your suggestion in the comments!

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