Samsung’s ultra line of the latest tops arrived in the mid-2020s and are some of the best handsets on the market.

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With a great focus on their cameras and with the presence of the Exynos 990 the two are very similar, but what will be the best model for you?

The hardware

As previously mentioned both are very similar, in addition to the Exynos 990, they come equipped with 12 GB of RAM and Super AMOLED Dynamic 2x 6.9-inch displays.

One of the differences is in internal storage, the Note 20 Ultra has 256 GB while the S20 Ultra has 128 GB. Both are expandable up to 1 TB.

The battery is the other point. The Note 20 Ultra comes with a 4500 mAh LiPo battery, while the S20 Ultra comes with a 5000 mAh LiPo battery.

Here the advantage depends on its use. The Note 20 Ultra wins in storage, while the S20 Ultra wins on battery.

The rear of the S20 Ultra / © AndroidPIT

The cameras

In the big highlight of the models we have some differences.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes equipped with a set of three 108Mp, 12Mp and 12Mp rear cameras that shoot in 8K and a 10Mp front camera that shoots in 4K.

The S20 Ultra comes equipped with a set of three 108Mp, 48Mp and 12Mp rear cameras that shoot in 8K and a 40Mp front camera that shoots in 4K.

Here it is complicated to define the winner. The main camera of both has huge 108Mp, but the digital zoom of the S20 Ultra reaches up to 100x, while the Note 20 Ultra only reaches 50x.

The secondary camera responsible for optical zoom also arrives with a big difference. Overall, the S20 Ultra achieves a better result, but the Note 20 Ultra night mode delivers photos with sharper colors.

Here the victory goes to the S20, but the Note 20 also does not disappoint.

The rear of the Note 20 Ultra / ©


Here the fight is also of big people. The appliances are very beautiful and have a high quality finish. Both have IPS68 and Gorilla Glass 6 protection.

The Note 20 Ultra has a stainless steel finish and a straighter-line design. The S20 Ultra is finished in aluminum and is more rounded.

Both are light though large. The S20 Ultra is just a little bigger and heavier, much on account of the battery which is also larger.

Here the win goes narrowly for the Note 20 Ultra. The stainless steel finish is wonderful and the space to store the S-Pen is very discreet.

In a more personal opinion, the note 20 Ultra’s straighter design is also more attractive than the curves of the S20 Ultra.

So, who does it take?

Here will be by little and will also depend on its use, but the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra wins this fight. The S-Pen makes a difference in various situations and cannot be forgotten in our comparison.

In addition, the model has a finish finished perfectly by Samsung and does not disappoint in any item.

We can not even call the Galaxy S20 Ultra defeated, it is still an amazing device. It features a slightly better camera plus a larger battery, which can make a difference on the Exynos 990.

Both models are found in the range of R $ 5200 and will not disappoint you. The choice is right for your user profile.

And for you, who wins this fight? Tell us what you think of both models in the comments!

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