Comparing two high-performance smartphones like the Galaxy S8 and HTC U11 is no task for just one editor. In order to show the main features of each model, instead of just saying which is the best in it, we decided to share the experience of using two editors with these two flagships. In the end, you are the one who will choose which model suits you the most.

In this clash, I will talk about the features and functions of the Galaxy S8 that make me believe that this is the best handset released in 2017. On the other hand, Luis Ortega, my colleague from Spain, will tell you what leads him to believe that it is the HTC U11 that deserves the title of best smartphone of the year.

Galaxy S8 vs HTC U11 /©

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs HTC U11: design and screen

I’ve been using the Galaxy S8 for almost two months and i haven’t seen a smartphone that can get close to such a modern design. The footprint of the device is so good that I forget that I have in hand a device with a 5.8-inch screen. The features for using the S8 with one hand are varied enough to the point that you hardly need to use it with both hands.

Because I think it’s a sin to hide the device using a protective cover, especially those manufactured by Samsung, I use the Galaxy S8 as it came out of the box and even in these two months inside my back pocket, my backpack or under my desk, the front and back glass are like new, and that’s an extremely positive point for me. I’ve already caught rain with the device in my hands and I can say that this is one of the smartphones that best handles the touch screen in these conditions.

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On the left, the HTC U11 with 5.5 inches; on the right, the Galaxy S8 with 5.8 inches / ©

With regard to the display, in addition to offering a super sharp experience, with balanced brightness and contrasts, realistic colors and at the same time vivid, allowed Samsung to develop functionality based on the edge screen. So even without having a chance to quickly access the S8 notification bar with a hit on the screen, we can swipe right to left and use the edge screen shortcuts. These are extremely customizable and can fit the needs of each user.

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The Galaxy S8 is longer than most devices on the market today, as it brings a new screen ratio, are 18.5:9 instead of the traditional 16:9. In addition to this feature increasing the “life of the device” by offering the most modern standard in the industry, it also improves the experience by enabling you to see more content on the screen. It is true that there are still many android ecosystem apps that need to be suited to this new aspect, however this is the price to pay for being among the first.

The HTC U11 screen has a traditional format, which we are already used to. Games are not cut and there are no strange reflections of light that appear on the edges of the screen, as in the case of the Galaxy S8. YouTube videos get the most out of every corner of the 5.5-inch panel. Another positive point for games and videos is the presence of the Gpu Adreno 540, which few users of the S8 can enjoy, since only in selected countries we have qualcomm processor packing the model.

The quality of the finish is excellent, and the feel provided by the mixture of glass and aluminum is fabulous. Models with blue colors are especially more beautiful, and give me the impression of elegance.

The rear camera is slightly prominent relative to the rear surface of the device, which has side edges made of glass. It is a solid finish and it gives a sense of security.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs HTC U11: special features

As i said in the previous topic, the S8 screen not only offers an excellent visual experience, but also useful features, such as The Edge Screen. Here, you explore direct shortcuts to system functions, as well as most used apps and favorite contacts. This is very functional for using the device with one hand.

The function I have used most on the Edge Screen is Device Maintenance, as it allows me to quickly access Performance Mode. Here, I can choose between four performance modes and save battery when needed or have the best experience with audio, video and games.

Incidentally, it is impossible not to mention Game Launcher as a special feature of the Galaxy S8, as rarely will you find such a complete game center in a smartphone software based on Android. As much as Google Play Games offers you record matches and share them, it doesn’t give you a chance to lock push buttons (ex-physical start button) or even other features that might interfere during a match, such as unintentionally triggering the Edge Screen.

Sense Edge is the best innovation we’ve seen on smartphones in 2017. It represents a new way of interacting with the smartphone. In my opinion, we have something that is almost a parallel with the invention of the mouse, which expanded the functionalities of the computer and today is essential.