Google Pixel 6 Pro: certification reveals fast recharge power

Still no official release date, the Pixel 6 Pro had a feature revealed in an international certification. Google’s new flagship will support significantly higher recharging power than previous generations.


  • Registration in Taiwan confirms charging at 33 watts;
  • Certification deals only with Google Pixel 6 Pro;
  • Despite this, charger will be sold separately.

In August, rumors circulated that Google would equip its new Pixel phones with a more powerful charging system. The XDA Developers website confirmed the information based on a certification from Taiwan’s NCC agency — equivalent to Brazil’s Anatel — of one of the expected models.

Regulatorcertifies faster charger

When 91 Mobiles reported a few weeks ago that the new Pixel phones would be charging faster, the information was just a rumor. Now, an official official — Taiwan’s NCC — has certified the new charger, at least for Google Pixel 6 Pro.

NCC registration confirms faster loading / © NCC Taiwan

At the bottom of the registry, you can see that the Pixel 6 Pro will support the following charging speeds: 5V/3A (15 W), 9V/2A (18 W), 9V/3A (27 W), and 11V/3A (33 W). However, this confirmation only exists for the Pro model so far, so we still can’t predict whether all new Pixel smartphones will support the same charging powers. Wireless charging should also be the face of the new line, with an expected power of up to 23 watts.

If the 33 watt information is confirmed, Google will bring a nice upgrade from the current 18 W pixel line. Meanwhile, manufacturers like Xiaomi should find the news funny by offering powers of up to 120 watts, as in the newly announced Xiaomi 11T Pro.

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Charger not included in the package

Fast or not, it’s important to note that the charger won’t be included in the Pixel 6 Pro case. Google has already officially confirmed that the accessory will not be included in factory packaging for environmental reasons. Owners of current Pixel phones who want to make the most of the quick recharge will have to purchase a new charger separately.

Be that as it may, all records, certifications and rumors lead us to believe that the launch of the Pixel 6 line is near. Keep an eye on to find out all about Google’s new phones, including the charging power of the regular Pixel 6.

Via Android Police

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