On Tuesday (20), Apple held the special event “Spring Loaded”. Among the announcements, we finally had the launch of Apple AirTags, a new color variant of the iPhone and of course the new iPad Pro 2021. Below, you check out everything that happened in Spring Loaded this April 20th.

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1. New iPad Pro with Silicon M1 chip

If you use an iPad as an alternative to your notebook, you’ll be happy, as Apple has added its most powerful processor to the iPad Pro, it’s the Apple Silicon M1. According to the company, it was possible to increase CPU performance by 75% compared to the first generation of the series. Both the CPU and GPU use 8-color, which allowed to increase performance in graphics applications by 1,500%. It’s no small thing.

The new iPad Pro also features a Liquid Retina XDR/© Apple; Screenshot:

We’ve had an upgrade from storage here, it’s faster and can be set up to 2 terabytes. The USB-C port now supports Thunderbolt as in the new iMac. As with iPhones 12, Apple has brought support for the 5G network on the iPad Pro. This is especially important in the US, where mmWave networks already exist.

That’s the super performance of the iPad Pro with apple m1/© Apple; Screenshot:

The new 12.9-inch iPad is built with a Liquid Retina XDR display that is illuminated by 10,000 mini-LEDs. This significantly increases the contrast and also the brightness, which can reach 1,000 nits. To learn all about iPad Pro 2021, click the link below:

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2. Habemus Apple AirTags!

Finally we have the super well designed and stylish AirTags accessories, Apple’s Bluetooth trackers. These devices basically serve to find objects and even people who are carrying an AirTag, as well as a bunch of keys or a bicycle, for example.

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Using Apple’s Find My service, you can find it right on your iPhone where your keychain is or any object you usually lose out there. AirTags will be available from April 30, for $29 (unit). Remembering that Samsung offers the same service for some time.

AirTags / © Apple; Screenshot:

3. Apple Podcast with more options

I am a super fan of podcasts and Apple has just redesigned the Apple Podcast app, introducing new section for “Channels” and now offers the option if monthly subscription of the service, just as we have in video streaming. The new Apple Podcast app will be available from May in 107 regions.

4. iPhone 12 Purple… Purple… Violet…

The event has already begun with the announcement of a new color of iPhone, that’s right, now we have the option “Purple” enters the available colors. yes, our good old Purple or Violet.

The new color variant will be available from April 30. We have not yet had information about the arrival of this model in Brazil. Honestly, when it comes to customizing the experience with a smartphone, Apple does it right.

Now we have the violet iPhone 12 / © Apple; Screenshot:

5th AppleTV 4K

We have a new generation of AppleTV 4K. The device now uses the A12 Bionic chip, from the iPhone XS, which allows you to play HDR videos with high refresh rate. If you use apple iPhone 12 Pro, you can now make HDR recordings at 60 fps. Thanks to improvements in AirPlay, these videos are streamed directly on AppleTV without any loss of quality.

In addition, using the iPhone’s rear camera, you can calibrate your TV colors automatically. To do this, simply hold the device with the front camera pointing to the TV screen, positioned correctly on the demarcation that will appear on the display, this will cause the color calibration to start. Apple TV will use the iPhone’s light sensor to perform the process.

I found it amazing, now just have both devices! We do not yet have the values of the new AppleTV 4K in Brazil. Out there, it costs from $179, about 990 reais.

In addition to the new AppleTV 4K, there is also a new remote control called Siri Remote / © Apple; Screenshot:

6. The amazing new iMac

Apple’s all-in-one computers, so-called iMac, have also received an update! The new iMac has a completely redesigned design, with a palette of pastel colors, which closely resembles the transparent colors of the first generations of the iMac.

As with the recent MacBooks, Apple has incorporated the Apple Silicon M1 chip. This mainly allows you to reduce the size of the components, so that the new iMac can be 50% smaller than the previous model. The thickness is only 11.5mm.

The new iMac comes in a total of seven new colors! / © Apple; Screenshot:

The display is 24 inches long and is even sharper. Apple has increased the resolution to 4.5K Retina and the webcam finally gets the long-awaited 1080p update as well.

Thanks to the SoC Silicon M1, Apple claims to have increased CPU performance by up to 85% compared to the previous model. The new architecture lets you use iPhone and iPad apps on your computer. You can even keep writing emails from one device to another.

We have four USB-C ports here on the back, two of which are equipped with Thunderbolt. You can use them to connect screens with resolution up to 6K.

The new iMac greatly optimizes the space occupied on your Apple work desk© desk; Screenshot:

In addition to the new iMac, Apple has introduced the new MagicKeyboards keyboards, which now not only have a button for emoji and new colors, but also come with Touch ID.

Super cool: The new keyboard supports Touch ID! / © Apple; Screenshot:

The starting price of the new iMac is starting at $1,299 (approximately $7,169) for the 7-color GPU model. The model with 8-color GPU starts at $1,499 (about $8,300).

Well, this was a general roundup of Spring Loaded, in which we certainly had ads relevant to the industry. It is worth remembering that in June of this year, Apple scheduled this year’s developer conference, WWDC. This is the most anticipated event of the year and will be when we will have more information related to the new software features of the Cupertino giant.

So, what did you think of tuesday’s ads? Share your opinion with our community in the comments.

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