The technological progress of true wireless earbuds has made it possible to get to a point where even economic proposals, let’s say widely under 100 euros, can be very valid.

Unlike what happens with high-end earphones (click here for the dedicated buying guide), where it is generally easier to have a “complete package” of all the features that interest us, for cheap alternatives it happens to have to give up something, whether it is the multipoint connection or wireless charging.

It’s not a big deal: the important thing is to have clear ideas about what you need and point in that direction, according to your priorities. In general, the headphones of this price range have a good yield for calls and for listening to multimedia content (videos, movies and the like), while they do not shine for the quality of music playback. If you are looking for the latter, the advice is to spend the same amount on a pair of beautiful wired headphones that will surely do more justice to your favorite songs.

Given this necessary premise, the offer of cheap true wireless earbuds that can be found online is endless. The models you find below are the ones that we consider the best among those we have tried.

Let’s start with those that we consider the most advisable, given the excellent relationship between quality and price to which they are often proposed. They are called Realme Buds Air 3: renewed version of the classic true wireless real of Realme, they have all the functions you can ask for in this price range, and even something more.

Classic in-ear design, flattened case with glossy finish, they also turn out to be quite accurate from an aesthetic point of view. They are very light, comfortable to wear and IPx5 certified, so protected against drops of water or sweat. The pairing with the smartphone is always immediate and can be managed through the Realme Link app, well done, complete and easy to consult, it also includes a hearing test as well as three equalization possibilities. As written at the beginning, we find several interesting features such as simultaneous connection to multiple devices, proximity sensors that interrupt music when you take off the headphones, active noise cancellation and transparency mode. There are, of course, also the touch controls that, however, do not allow the management of the volume.

As for the audio quality, it is satisfactory on the call side, less for music reproduction, although we can see critical issues only when compared with much higher-end products. Among the cons we also include the presence of a slight latency when connected to a PC and the absence of wireless charging, compensated by an overall autonomy that can reach 30 hours of use.