All eyes are already on the Galaxy Watch 5, the next flagship smartwatch that Samsung will present in the summer as usual. There is still time, but as with any high-end gadget the machine of rumors has already been set in motion, and to the information coming a few days ago from a Korean source usually quite reliable are now added those of the certifying body Safety Korea.

The report of the EB-BR900ABY battery produced by DongGuan Amperex Technology Limited that is supposed to equip the Samsung SM-R900, that is, Galaxy Watch 5, has been published online. From the image attached to the certification emerges its capacity: they are 276 mAh nominal, about thirty more than that supplied with the current 40 mm Galaxy Watch 4.

As a result, with well-optimized software (and Samsung has recently proven to work well in this regard), a more efficient chip and a larger battery, the autonomy of the Galaxy Watch5 could be appreciably better than the current generation. Although the rumor refers to the 40 mm variant, the possible increase in capacity should also concern the 44 mm variant, on which, however, no information has yet arrived.

On the Galaxy Watch 5 Samsung could update the equipment of the sensors, adding the components for the detection of body temperature. On the technical level we do not know anything else for the moment, but from here to the presentation in August certainly many other details will arrive.