The Google Play Store has more than 700,000 apps, the overwhelming majority of them are optimized only for smartphones, but there are also apps designed for tablets in the Android market. To save your time, I’ve separated 10 apps that can’t be missed on your tablet. Check out the list below.

YouTube has gone through many updates and is one of the most complete apps for streaming videos on Android tablets! / ©

First of all, it’s worth remembering that the Play Store has a section of apps designed for Tablets. When you access the Android Apps page via your tablet, you will soon see the search filter as the one in the image below. This is important to avoid any kind of frustration with the softwares after downloaded.

Give priority to aplcia designed for tablet… when possible, of course! / ©

That said, here’s a list of apps I recommend based on my experience with the Nexus 7 wi-fi model.

1st Google Now

Android is an operating system developed by Google and, from what I could see after the UPDATE OF OS for Android 4.4.2 KitKat, the search giant’s services are increasingly impregnated with the software. Thus, it is almost inevitable not to indicate Google Now, also known as Google Search. In 2013, the app became even more complete and brought one of the future trends in the mobile market: The Google Experience Launcher for a more complete experience with the software.


2nd Google Keep

There are a multitude of apps for tasks on Android, many of them even more complete than Google Keep, such as Any.Do, Wunderlist or Evernote, for example. However, because of the integration with Google services, the trend I mentioned above, simplicity and functionality, Keep is my suggestion for app reminders, notes and tasks. In addition, it can be edited using the app and the web and is automatically synced through your Google account.

Google Keep – notes and lists

3rd AirDroid

The AirDroid is above all functional as it is a bridge of the Android tablet with the PC or laptop using the browser as a medium. Best of all, it’s via mobile connection, not cables. Using it is possible to access tablet files through the computer, install applications through APK files, download media and even send messages without having to switch from one gadget to another.

AirDroid: Remote Access

4th Real Racing 3

My tablet is one of my sources of entertainment. That said, using the device for gaming is what I do best. I confess that it is quite difficult to part with only one game, but Real Racing 3 represents very well the experience of using a gadget for gaming. The player’s interaction with the device is complete. The controls depend on movements, touch the screen, and the soundtrack is thought-provoking. Real Racing 3 doesn’t need an internet connection to play. However, the app must be up to date.

Real Racing 3

5. Google Books

Google Books is essential for you to own a tablet, since reading a book on a screen above 7 inches and not having to carry the weight of a library on your back is expecional. What makes Google Books more attractive than Kobo, for example, is the fact that your credit card is already registered in a more complete service, such as the Play Store. Plus, it’s extremely easy to purchase any title that’s available in the Play Store.

Google Play Books

6th Twitter

A year ago I gave up my Facebook account and started using Twitter very often as a form of news feed and, after the optimization of the tablet software, it became much more pleasant to read the content of those I follow on the micro blog. Of course, I can’t access news content when I’m offline, as I can do with apps like Flipboard, Google Magazine, or Currents. However, twitter’s dynamics are far more functional than any other news app I usually use.


7th Google Hangouts

Forget Skype, BBM, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, because the future of communication is Hangouts. Google has already adopted the app as the Android messaging center with the launch of the Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.2 KitKat. In addition, videos conferences, groups, instant messages and sms can already be sent through the app, with the exception of the last resort, the others are entirely free. In addition, the chances of having more and more functions associated with Hangouts are obvious.


8th YouTube

It’s impossible not to recognize the evolution of the YouTube app for mobile platforms. In 2013 we had almost every improvement imaginable at an intermediate level added to Google’s video streaming platform. It is already possible to do a search with a video in the background, but we do not yet have the video running in the background in the system and neither the loading of the device with the device on the screen and lock. However, YouTube’s popularity makes it “the” current great online video channel. And despite the great copyright policy in place, Google’s platform is still unbeatable and serves as a great spend time for tablet users around the world.


9th SoundCloud

If streaming music is too heavy on Youtube to run a party using your gadget, bet on SoundCloud. The platform has hours of audio and, above all, has a creative and intuitive design. If there is one thing that should be done with a tablet is streaming media, among them, audio! I use a dock for my Nexus connected to an amplifier and three speakers and I can say that in countries like Brazil, where Spotfy or Google Play Music are not yet officially available, SoundCloud can be of great use for those who want to use the tablet to search for audio on the network.

SoundCloud – music and audio

10th Google Drive

Last but not least, I point out Google Drive as an indispensable app for your Android tablet. In addition to offering free cloud storage, it offers the possibility of creating and editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations built from Drive. In addition, all these domumentos can be shared with your contacts.

Google Drive

Well, these were my 10 indispensable app tips on an Android tablet. In addition to these apps, I indicate downloading an antivirus as well, so you will be shielded against viruses, malware and spyware. My suggestion is Avast or Lookout. Click here to access a list of other security software.

Enjoy and access the article of my colleague Daniel C., with the applications that he believes are indispensable for smartphones.

What other apps do you have installed on your tablet that are indispensable in your everyday life?

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