It’s starting another week and with it we publish our traditional list of paid apps and games for Android and iOS that are available to download for free for a limited time. Check out the suggestions below and take advantage of the offers.

  • Best free apps for Android
  • The best free games for Android

As always, the following list includes only options that are usually paid for in Apple and Google app stores, but are temporarily free. It is also worth remembering that promotions can end at any time.

Tip: If you find an interesting app in the list below, however, you don’t want to use the app or game now, install it anyway, then remove it from your device. That way, the service will be included in your library and you can install it for free in the future when you need it.

Free apps and games for Android

Free apps for Android

  • Alpha Backup Pro (R $ 29.99): the backup application “Alpha Backup Pro” is once again available for free. You receive a comprehensive app without advertising or packaged purchases;
  • How much can I spend? (R $ 14,99): With this app, you can track your finances and keep an eye on your spending. With 4.6 stars in 619 ratings, it looks really promising;
  • OneUI Icon Pack (R $ 3,09): Have you always liked Samsung’s OneUI in our reviews? With this icon pack you can get some of the beautiful look on your phone;
  • Pro MP3 Player – Qamp (R $ 4,59): Qamp is an MP3 player for your smartphone. With 4.2 stars out of 5,000 reviews, it seems like a good choice;
  • BabyBook Journal (R$ 9,99): Have you recently become a parent? Get BabyBook is an app with which you can record the first weeks, months and years of your child’s life;
  • Audio recorder (R $ 3,59): an audio recorder (surprise!) that has a rating of 4.1 stars. For free, the app is certainly worth trying out!

Mobile games for Android

  • Truth or Challenge Pro (R $ 20,99): this mobile game resumes the classic principle of truth or consequence. Of course, it’s especially fun with several people;
  • AceSpeeder 3 (R$ 4,79): AceSpeeder is a racing game strongly oriented to the classic “F-Zero”. These are futuristic runners that drive super fast along a route;
  • Manoir (R $ 21,79): things get absurd in “Manoir”. You are an object that has to fight in a mysterious world. Do I need to say more?
  • Hills Legend: Action horror (R$ 0.99): a scary 3D game in which you have to fight in various levels;
  • The House: Action-Horror (R $ 0,99): here is an alternative to the previous game. The same developer, different scenario!
  • Brain, brain. Games – Find5X (R$ 9,99): a puzzle game with rather ugly graphics. Here you have to see if you like the game. In order to give you the widest possible choice, I include brain game here;
  • Infinity Launch (R$ 4,99): drive a rocket through space and shoot against enemies and obstacles. It’s a bit like the classic arcade “Asteroids”!
  • Evertale (R$ 0.99): Evertale is a Japanese RPG that has been rated 4.2 stars by 330,000 players. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

Free apps and mobile games for iOS

  • Starlight: Sky Map (R$ 10,90) We recommend this star map to you many times. You save 2.29 euros!
  • Tahrir App – Text on image (R $ 10,90) With this app you can easily create your own e-postcards: With Tahir, you can add text to the images in your memory in the blink of an eye.
  • Lilium Income (R $ 10,90): Another tracker for your finances that comes with the support of Siri and looks great.
  • Scanner (R $ 10,90): An application that can recognize and save texts automatically.
  • DayCircle (R$ 4,90): How do you keep track of all important dates? Birthdays, first kisses, moving house – you can follow all this here, and with 4.9 stars, probably works great.
  • Dubcut (R $ 4,90): A video tool with which you can cut and paste your clips. Special feature: a text-to-speech function for your overlays.

Free iOS games

  • TreeHole Adventure (R$ 4,90): a colorful comic game in which you have to solve puzzles;
  • Sadhana (R $ 4,90): Sadhana is one of the games co-financed by Art with an educational mission. This time Art takes you to a super-pretentious desert;
  • Barbershop | The Game (R $ 4,90): in this game with isometric pixel graphics you have to run your own barbershop;
  • Tusker’s Number Adventure($16.90):a crazy mobile game that likes to simulate crashes and collisions. For some reason, it is constantly pointed out that the game is NOT for children. So another reason to try it;
  • Findit (R $ 16,90) (contains the purchases in package): want to make time fly? Find the differences in 200 photos in this photo contest;
  • KungFu King (R $ 4,90) (offers chip purchases): Join the old masters of Kung Fu and travel through the East to learn new techniques and, of course, put them to the test;
  • Heads Up! Charades for Kids (R $ 22,90): a game of riddles that is actually intended for children. Unfortunately, it is only available in English, but this can make it interesting for older generations as well;
  • Planet Puzzle (R$ 4,90): a beautiful puzzle where each planet presents a new challenge.

And it’s worth repeating: don’t waste time, download the games and apps that caught your eye, especially for suggestions on iOS, as they can get paid again without warning.

If you find outdated links or offers that have expired, please let us know in the comments. Take advantage of this week’s suggestions and don’t forget to share your own tips.

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