A message sent to Moto G30 owners in the Lenovo Community suggests that there is not much left for Android 12 to arrive on the device. A reader shared a message in which Motorola invites the owners of the phone to participate in a TestDrive, and where there is smoke…

Straight to the point:

  • Moto G30 owners are being invited to a software TestDrive on lenovo’s official forum;
  • Invitation usually gives the start to the tests for a system update;
  • There is still no forecast of distribution of Android 12 for Motorola handsets.

Recruiting on the Motorola/Lenovo forums isn’t exactly a secret. Community participants can register their devices in the profile for a chance to participate in early testing as part of the Motorola Feedback Network (MFN).

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In addition to the Moto G30, last month, owners of the Edge 20 Lite and Edge 20 Fusion models began to be invited to the MFN, according to the website PiunikaWeb. The models, as well as the Moto G30, were released with the Android 11 system in 2021.

Invitation to participate in the test was sent to the owners of the Moto G30 / © @betinhobasscm/Twitter; mounting:

Android 12 highlights a greater investment in security and privacy, with more controls on apps and services access to your personal data and device features. The system also promises a more efficient use of hardware, with more fluidity in everyday life.

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In addition, the new version of Google’s operating system brings the visual Material You, with a more personalized interface, and can use the wallpaper of the mobile phone as inspiration for the color combinations used in the interface.

The contacted Motorola Brazil to confirm the beta test, but received no response until the date of publication of the text. If the company returns contact, we will update the news.

Thanks to the reader @betinhobasscm for the tip!

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