Like every weekend, we meet in for my selection of 5 free or paid apps and mobile games that caught the eye on the Google Play Store and apple app store.

Every week I try to bring in the best possible applications that are not data traps or microtransaction nests. In addition to my own findings, I also add the jewels discovered by the community and shared in our forum, which I invite you to consult.

From mobile gaming to productivity apps, here are the 5 free and paid Android/iOS apps this week.

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AceScreen is an app that the community discovered in our French forum.  It prevents your phone screen from turning off and going to sleep. This is a control that can already be done natively on Android, of course. But AceScreen allows you to keep the screen on only if you’re on the move (on your bike, for example), tilted or flipped (when walking with GPS on the street) or if the screen is touched.

The app is free, but contains ads. You can get rid of them by paying a subscription of $ 4.99 per month or a one-time purchase of $ 51.99.

  • Price: free / Ads: yes / In-app purchases: yes, subscriptions $ 4.99 / month, or R $ 51,99 single purchase / Account: not necessary

With AceScreen, your phone will only go into lock mode if you leave/©

  • Download AceScreen from the Google Play Store

Audio Editor Pro

Once again, it was on our forum and thanks to the community that I met the Audio Editor Pro. It’s a free audio editing app with no ads or in-app purchases and quite complete in terms of features.

You can make simple cuts or adjust equalization quickly, mix multiple tracks, increase the volume of a recording, or convert an audio file to another format.

The interface is super clean and very modern. The controls for the various editing effects are quite practical and intuitive. It’s an attractive version of Audacity. I haven’t tested all the modes and functions yet. But on paper the Audio Editor Pro is a beautiful find.

  • Price: free / Ads: no / In-app purchases: no / Account: not required

The interface is a strong point of the Audio Editor Pro/©

  • Download Audio Editor Pro from the Google Play Store

Media Bar

Media Bar is a utility app from the same developer of the Access Dots and Energy Ring apps, two apps that have done very well in the past and about which I wrote in previous editions of the 5 apps of the week.

Basically, the Media Bar displays a playbar at the top of the screen when you’re listening to music or a podcast. You can control playback from it, even when your music or episode is playing in the background and you’re doing something else on your phone.

You can manage the thickness of the bar as well as its color and assign one of several different commands to each type of gesture compatible: swipe, two taps, and time-consuming touch. The app is free, but contains ads. You can unlock the full version, without ads, with a donation to the developer.

I found the bar a little too thin, which causes false touches, especially when you’re in another application. I would also like to be able to hide the bar under some apps or have the ability to show it or hide it with a gesture. The developer explained that he wanted to wait to better understand all the use cases and the different feedbacks from users before updating the app soon.

  • Price: free / Ads: yes / In-app purchases: yes / Account: not required

The Media Bar app is very, very niche, but I think it brings a cool/©

  • Download the Media Bar from the Google Play Store

Held Together

I know, this app can make you laugh. And that’s why I wanted to include her in this selection. But I would like to point out, at the risk of killing the climate, that social isolation kills millions of people every year around the planet. This isolation often go hand in hand with high levels of insecurity and concerns mainly the elderly, but also 13% of young people aged 18 to 29 years (compared to 2% in 2010) in a study in my homeland, France.

As serious as this issue is, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the description of this app. The idea is to connect strangers or geographically distant people, allowing them to hold hands.

Basically, you hold your phone in hand and wait to be connected with someone else. Once connected, your phone will begin to vibrate to emulate this “human contact”. I must admit that practically shaking hands with a stranger named Hikaru is probably one of the strangest non-sexual experiences of my life.

But once again, and kidding aside, I find the concept benevolent and can only welcome the initiative. The app is free and ad-free, but you’ll have to pay to create an account with a username and so invite people you know to hold your hand at a distance (otherwise it will only be with random people).

  • Price: free / Ads: no / In-app purchases: yes / Account: no required

Private sessions with your friends or relatives are unfortunately not free / ©

  • Download Held Together from the Google Play Store

Breacher Story 2

Breacher Story 2 is a game in early access, as well as a sequel, whose first episode recommend if you like “SMS games”. I say sms games because there is a real game mechanics. This type of game is purely narrative and the story takes place in the form of a conversation, as in a messaging app.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the estio because the pace imposed by this mode of narration can be tiring in the long run, especially if the dialogues are poorly written. But the story of Breacher Story is, in my opinion, interesting enough to make forget the shortcomings of this very particular style of video game.

Breacher Story deals with technology, cybersecurity, conspiracy theories and social engineering. In short, all the topics you like to debate calmly and constructively in the comments, right? The game is still in early access and costs $8.99, but contains no ads or in-app purchases.

  • Price: R$ 8,99 / Ads: no / In-app purchases: no / Account: not required