Rumors about the eighth generation of the Apple Watch indicate a major update on the smartwatch’s sensors. Among other things, it is believed that the watch will bring in 2022 a glucose monitor and a temperature sensor. This may be good news for people with diabetes, as well as for fighting the disease.

  • Apple Watch expected to bring glucose sensor in 2022;
  • Rumors suggest that it will also track body temperature;
  • Apple Watch Series 7 (2021) will bring only minor updates.


Apple has not even revealed the 7th generation of the smartwatch, which does not prevent the first rumors about its successor, namely the Apple Watch Series 8, from appearing. According to Bloomberg, Apple would have originally planned a glucose sensor for this year’s watch —but it won’t be ready in time.

The novelty would be a great relief for diabetics to be able to track blood sugar levels without the need for stings or dedicated equipment —assuming optical sensors prove to be accurate enough.

Bloomberg also reports that the Apple Watch Series 8 will also have a temperature sensor. With the Apple Watch being the best-selling wristwatch of all time, the data could then be an important tool to combat the next pandemic. After all, infections are often accompanied by fever; and an increase in resting heart rate.

Yes, smart watches with body temperature and wrist sensors have been around for a long time. But no manufacturer other than Apple has an extremely wide distribution of wearables, the ecosystem and, increasingly, the confidence to handle personal data as sensitive as body temperature and heartbeat at rest.

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Small update to Apple Watch Series 7

So what’s left for this year’s Apple Watch Series 7? According to Bloomberg sources, the 7th generation will have a faster processor and better wireless connectivity. The screen will be closer to the front panel thanks to a new lamination technology, which generally benefits the contrast and readability of the screen under the sun. It should also come as no surprise if the UWB is included in the device.

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In addition, the agency reports that, along with the Series 7, a new Apple Watch SE will be presented, as well as a more robust version for athletes. We’re expecting next-generation smartwatches for the September presentation, in which Apple traditionally presents its annual iPhone update.


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