Already for Apple Watch 7 the leaks had hypothesized an important change in design, with the adoption of flat edges in continuity with the rest of the most recent products of the bitten apple. But then we know that things went very differently, with Apple Watch 7 that has preserved the rounded lines of all time, but thinning the frames and increasing the size of the display.

Rumors about a revolution in aesthetics have resurfaced about the Apple Watch 8, whose launch is expected along with that of the iPhone 14 in the traditional September appointment. Although in this case the hypothesis is different: not only is there no longer talk of flat edges, but to be affected by this design revision would not be Apple Watch 8, but an unprecedented “Pro” version, larger.

And the latest rumors about the next generation of Cupertino smart watches partially confirm this scenario. The leaker ShimpApplePro has in fact shared on Twitter some information about the Watch 8 (none, however, on the Pro variant) confirming that the differences with watch 7 will be practically zero in terms of form factor.

ShimpApplePro mentions a constructive difference, with the use of a “stronger glue” for the watch case that should therefore ensure greater solidity of the device. Definitely obvious, however, the clarification that underlines how Apple will introduce a distinctive watchface for the new generation.

The different sizes of the case will also be the same as the current generation, namely 41 and 45mm. As for the colors, the variant made of aluminum can be chosen in midnight (dark blue) and Galaxy (gold – both also arrived on the new MacBook Air M2), in the classic red (PRODUCT)RED or silver. As for the stainless steel version, we are talking about three colors: silver, graphite and gold. Finally, there should be no option with titanium case.

If these color options were confirmed, then, Apple would have decided to set aside the green and blue of the Apple Watch 7 by restoring silver. It should be noted, however, that at the moment there is nothing official and that the information could then prove to be untrue, inaccurate or even just incomplete.

Finally, the latest information provided by the leaker concerns the supply chain: mass production should in fact begin as early as this month, in time for the launch scheduled as mentioned at the opening for the classic September appointment.